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Wades Green Plantation

In 1789 a British Loyalist Wade Stubbs, was given 860 acres by the British Government to start a plantation in North Caicos. With the land came the condition that he grow Cotton and Sisal and send it back to England. 

He arrived in North Caicos with his wife and 70 slaves that would later expand to over 1500 slaves.

During your 45 min tour your guide will tell you the historical significance of how Wades Green Plantation became an important part of the Turks and Caicos history.  Over 200 year old paintings still adorn the walls of the original buildings that stand today . Join us on this land where beauty and history exist together.

The Conch Caves

Middle Caicos, Turks and Caicos Islands

Once home to the now extinct tribes of the Lucayan Indians, these stalactite caves are the second largest above ground caves in the caribbean. Your tour will include walking inside the different chambers while your guide explains the history and wildlife. Unique to the caves are six species of bats whom occupy this natural habitat.

Car Rentals

We rent Compact Cars, Honda CRV’s, and Minivans. Our service offers pick-up and drop off from your accommodation or ferry dock to receive your rental car. Tour North and Middle Caicos Islands at your own leisure. Concerned about renting in a foreign country, we also offer car insurance as an option. Click below to learn more and reserve your vehicle today.

North and Middle Caicos T.C.I


We offer discounts for weekly car rentals. You may also want to book your own Private Tour. During your visit to North Caicos, you will experience the local cuisine.

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Weekly Car Rentals

Planning to stay and enjoy Middle and North Caicos for awhile?

Private Tours

Take the same tour with just your private group. Or customize the tour just for you. Or both!!

Local Lobster Lunch

Lunch on your Tour

Enjoy a hot lunch of local dishes. Choose your favorite choice from the menu.

Horse Stable Beach, North Caicos T.C.I.

“I worked with the North Caicos Government and from time to time it was my responsibility to take diplomatic dignitaries out and show them the Island. I found I loved it. I decided to start my own tour company.”
-Charles Handfield, Owner /Tour Guide

Join us and see why we choose to tour these Islands everyday.