North and Middle Caicos Tours

Your trip starts at the Leeward Ferry, Providenciales, TCI

Included is: Return Ferry tickets to and from North Caicos. * Snacks, water/soft drinks and hot lunch. * Entry to Wades Plantation and to the Conch Bar Caves. Our day tours have a maximum of 10 persons. *Please bring swimmers and towels and wear close toed shoes, such as runners, sneakers or tennis shoes, for all guided walks. Terrain is easy however it is not smooth or conducive to wheelchairs. Cost : $265 USD Adult/ $215 USD Children (plus tax)

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Tour begins with a scenic ferry ride from Providenciales to North Caicos. (photo above) Upon arrival in North, you will have time for a rest stop. Your adventure begins with a guided drive learning about the history of North Caicos before we make our first stop at Cottage Pond ( photo on right) The pond runs 260 feet deep, with the top 60 feet being fresh water, and the bottom sea salt water. It is also a Bird Sanctuary which is home to our National Bird the Old Grey Pelican.

Next we travel on through Kew Town. One of the oldest communities in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Originally founded by the slaves in 1826 who mostly up till then resided at Wades Plantation. After english law stated that slavery was illegal, they built a future here.

Wades Green Plantation is our next stop for a 45 min guided tour. Records were not always accurate, however it was estimated that 1500 slaves harvested more than 700 acres of Cotton and Sisal for 30 years. Artifacts and buildings over 200 years old, still stand in their original location. The two hundred year old slave paintings are still visible on the walls. This guided tour will give you a detailed history of the owner Wade Stubbs, and the daily workings of the plantation. As well as stories passed down from generations of ancestors who grew up here.

Next we are off to the community of Whitby with a population of approximately 150 persons. It is also home to “The Barracuda”, a local hangout spot. We will visit the Flamingo Pond where about 500 Flamingos make their home.

We continue to Horse Stable Beach. Along with miles of sand you can see the outline of the Coral Reef that surrounds the Islands of the Turks and Caicos. The reef is the third largest in the world after Australia and Belize.

LUNCH BREAK .. we stop for lunch at Local Restaurant located in the Whitby Community. They serve local dishes, and fresh local caught seafood. You may order your choice from the daily menu(Lunch includes meal and beverage, excluding alcohol)

After Lunch we continue our tour with a 20 min drive to Bottle Creek settlement. The largest settlement on North Caicos with a population of approximately 1200 persons. It is named after its shape resembling a bottle. North Caicos has a reputation for being lush and green. In this area it is prevalent with plenty of green grass and fruit trees surrounding its banks. Guava, sapodillas and sugar apples grow here. The largest Pine Forest in the Turks and Caicos is also found here.

Our next destination takes us across the Causeway. This scenic drive connects North and Middle Caicos. With ocean on both sides of the road, it offers stunning views. Here you will be able to see the Island of East Bay Cay.

Middle Caicos

Middle Caicos is the largest island in the T.C.I. chain. However only approximately 300 persons reside here. Bombarra is the oldest community settled in 1842 by slaves who arrived here on the shipwreck called the Trouvadore. (Bambarra Beach photo on the left )

As we drive towards Mudjin Harbour we stop for a guided tour of the Conch Bar Caves. There is over 1.5 miles of chambers in these Stalactite caves.

The first inhabitants of the caves was the extinct tribes of Lucayan Indians.  They named the Caicos Islands in their native tongue Cayo, meaning “shallow water islands”.  During your time in the chambers you may be fortunate to see one of the six species of bats who now reside here.

Mudjin Harbour

Mudjin Harbour
Mudgin Harbour, Middle Caicos

Our tour day finishes with a stop at the beautiful area of Mudjin Harbour.

Here you will have time to swim and snorkel. (fins and masks provided) The crystal clear waters are perfect for fish and coral watching.

Praying Hands.

Dragon Cay can be seen off in the distance.

You may also want to take the picturesque walk down the stone pathway to a private beach below.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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